Greentree Inn hotel sued green trademark infringement

Reporter yesterday from Greentree Inn hotel management group (Xia said "Greentree Inn") was informed that, its prosecution Yancheng Pavilion Lake District a hotel--"green of home business hotel" (Xia said "green of home") trademark infringement and not due competition, Yancheng intermediate people's Court finds green of home against has Greentree Inn of registered trademark dedicated right, law should bear stop infringement, and elimination effect, and compensation loss, legal responsibility.
the industry pointed out that stars, 7 days, home Inns Hotel chain suffered over trademark infringement dispute. A low threshold, joined the growing hotel industry abuses such as mismanagement of several major bottlenecks.
cottage hotel "gold diggers"
Greentree headquarters personnel when verifying a customer complaint, I know Jiangsu Yancheng, a customer complained that the object turned out to be called "Green House" business hotel.
"other in business signs, and card, and bath cap, and dental, and towel, and one-time slippers, and SOAP, and door card, items Shang large using has ' green of home ', and 'Green Home' words and ' oak ' graphics, and ' Greentree Inn ', and 'GreenTree Inn', registered trademark approximate, other imitation we of deep green LOGO, and will we of a tree tree LOGO painting into three tree tree, these are enough to makes consumers on service of source produced misunderstanding. "Greentree's marketing Chief, Helen said. Greentree
revealed that in 2008, Greentree in accommodation and other services registered on the "Greentree" trademark. In recent years, appeared on the market a lot of cottage hotel, "Green House" is one of them. Greentree decided to bring "Green House" trademark infringement and unfair competition.
, Yancheng City intermediate people's Court said: "the Green House, Green House Hotel with the Green Tree Inn belonging to the same industry", by comparison, "Green House", "Green Home" text and graphics in the overall look and feel, graphics features, with the Green Tree Inn on the English font "GreenTree Inn and map" and "Greentree" registered trademark constitutes approximately. At the Green House without permission from the Green Tree Inn, Greentree Inn and registered trademark of similar text, graphics, operating in a similar market for commercial use, enough to cause public confusion and misconception that conduct contrary to honesty and credit markets operating criteria, violate the right to exclusive use of a registered trademark of Greentree, the law should take to stop, eliminating the effects of infringement, damages and other legal responsibilities.
rights difficult it's not trademark infringement disputes for the first time in the hotel industry, Star, such as home, the Han court, 7 days after you have been infringement, dining, retail and other industries are often in such disputes, including Starbucks, Hualian supermarket, Tesco has been through legal channels, such as "fraud".
"criteria for determining whether the infringement is their trademark and LOGO graphic areas and they have identical and similar, and both engaged in trade, since there is no competition, but most of the fake companies are engaged in the original ones, so as to ' tOFF ' profit. Copycats can cause economic losses to the original company, such as customer claims because of the confusion, even some of the original Companies can't expand their markets or use their own trademarks, trademark registration the principle of territoriality, shanzhai companies have registered names and trademarks of the company, if the original thought of the local market, you must purchase each other's trademark and company name, or a lawsuit. "Shanghai Chen Yuan Yuan law firm lawyers pointed out.
due to the low threshold to professional services, many infringement case occur in the service chain. Some budget hotels are admitted, do it yourself with no experience in the hotel industry, compared with other projects, cheap hotels investment isn't much, likewise, restaurants are also easy to access. Cheap hotels into the investment of previous years, no brand imitations of well-known brands, which abound in many three or four cities.
in addition, the lack of franchise management factors also contributed to the high incidence of infringement of the services sector. Green Tree Inn, for example, its insiders, are operating in more than 530 hotels and stores more than just more than 40, the rest are franchises, management challenges posed by too many stores, but also to the "ghosts" have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. There used to be a food and beverage brands, its knockoff founder was originally its own franchisees.
"there is also a question, even if it won, it is very hard to implement comprehensive match-fixing. "Lianhua staff reluctantly told reporters after it has with knockoff" century Union "a lawsuit and won, but the other still has a lot of stores in normal operation, the other side even had" official website ".
reporters in the interview that, fake market support is a major thrust behind the trademark. Some vendor, hotels, supermarkets and restaurants you want to enter the formal layers of screening, to admission, but shanzhai company not only for the "admission ticket" has given economic incentives, such as part of cooperative cost-free, this cottage industry can survive in some areas.

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