Chinese trademark application review period reduced to 10 months to reach the international level

This year, the industrial and commercial sector to continue to improve the efficiency of trademark examination, trademark application review cycle further reduced to 10 months, objection and dispute cases cycle control in less than 18 months, up to international standards. This reporter from the national administration for industry and Commerce Working Conference held in Beijing on 26th to know. In 2000, exceeds the amount of review of trademark applications in China, started to develop trademark examination backlog problem. By the end of 2007, review cycles for over 3 years. In 2008, the Administration adopted a series of measures to speed up the trademark examination. By the end of 2010, Chinese trademark review cycle has been reduced to 1 year a thorough solution to trademark examination backlog problem widely.
so far this year, the trade and industry departments to take measures to further improve the efficiency of trademark examination, in addition to continue to speed up the review, has also started to establish a trademark review system, trademark applications online, until the end of November, total review 1.0749 million applications for trademark registration, review cases before 3. 40,000 pieces, further shortens the period of trademark application review cycles, and cases.
it is understood that at present, the United States, and Japan and other Western countries of trademark examination cycle in about 10 months.
from the Administration for industry and Commerce Trademark Office statistics, today our trademark applications had reached 9.576 million, cumulative registered 6.559 million, effective registered trademarks of 5.423 million, are the first in the world. BACK

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