5 years overseas rights of gulls 3 successful

It is reported that the 2008 Seagull, first "infringement" complaints, activist succeeded for the first time in 2011, once again went through similar experiences of seagulls, safeguarding not only success, also made a counterclaim of victory today, seagulls flying in the international arena, once again sending back exciting news for the people--seagulls won again. 5 Seagull activist 3 successful overseas, behind it, for the development of independent intellectual property rights and the protection of intellectual property have become Seagull "golden helmets". Tianjin Seagull watch group patent Technology Director, engineers Geng Lijun said in an interview that "before each exhibition, we will be the best preparation. "While seagulls on patent filing in the product development process, but decided to exhibit products, authorities still need to intellectual property related to the site in detail retrieval, filing," retrieve process typically take 4-5 months or longer. "Geng Gong told reporters that the gulls in the event prior to 2008 being prosecuting violations, was not conducted this work, but with the warning," Seagull "feel that the importance of intellectual property rights. "We search not only for their own product patents, intellectual property rights and other finishing to verify the content, more importantly we need to focus on intellectual property rights of similar foreign products. "After you finish each exhibit after a detailed search, Geng Gong of the whole team, all exhibiting product patent certificate for finishing the record," separate finishing certificate of exhibition goods, once the infringement complaint in the exhibition process, we will be able in the shortest possible period of time, will facilitate the evidence passed to the line. "
in addition to strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, seagulls group almost two years in the intellectual development is frequently punches. "At present, the Seagull products of independent intellectual property rights of more than 90%. When we develop new products, first international patent searching and applying for patents in research and development. "Gulls General Manager Lu June said in an interview with reporters. BACK

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